What we do


Easy and affordable with a personal approuch

Online lasercut service

Our machine has a work area of 1200 X 900mm, combined with a laser power of 100 Watt. Materials we use al lot are; cardboard (up to 4mm), plywood (poplar, up to 18mm), plywood (up to 6mm), MDF (up to 9mm), plexie (up to 10mm)


Give a special touch to models, gadgets, gifts or furneture

Engrave specific details

To engrave materials we use the same laser machine to laser cut with an workspace of 1200 X 900mm.Precission can be adjusted to 1/10 of a millimeter. Engravable materials are; cardboard, plywood, plexiglass, leather, wood, stone and aluminium.


Create you concept or idea fast for an affordable price

Makerbot II

Together with a partner we deliver a 3D printing service.We use one of the most used printers on the market, efficient,easy to use and fast. A Makerbot II is perfect device to create little prototypes, models and impressions


We strongly believe in sustainable ideas in an affordable context for the human being


With 2 years of experience in architecture, we give you the right advice to renovate or purchase your house, office or warehouse. Depending on your needs we try to integrate sustainable ideas in an affordable context.


The graphic part will always give your business a strong identity

The eye wants something too

Working for different types of projects, we always try to understand the needs, identities an background of our clients. As designers we try to start from a pure and logical mindset, while designing we start to focus on details.


No product ever was launched without making and testing many prototypes in advance.

Trial and error

Simple, logic an pure conceived products is where we strongly believe in.
At the end, each product will be used in a very specific way.

We Make lasercutting easy

Contact us with an idea

If you have no experience in lasercutting or engraving, but you have an idea.
We will try to help. If you don’t have an idea yet, we can design or develop it for you.

You have materials you want engraved or cutted

Call or mail us to make an appointment. We are always open for new ideas or tests.

You just want to sent us your file

You have some experience with lasercutters?
Download our template Autocad drawing at downloads.
Emplement your design or drawing to the file (follow the instructions)
Upload the file or email it.
We will contact you

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Who Are We

What we stand for

We Produce was founded in 2013 as a little business specialised in lasercutting and engraving.
A service we still offer but today we offer alot more, going from architecture to product and graphic design. We Produce is based in Kortrijk, Belgium and profiles itself as an creative solution company.

-Lasercutter 1200 x 900mm 100 Watt
-Makerbot II 3D printer
-200 m2 of work space
-Hardware tools
-Few mighty computers
-2 creative brains

Skills We Use

Architecture 79%
Graphic Design 82%
Product Design 62%
Motivation 100%

Team Members


Sara is the creative designer you wan’t to have, oh yeah she’s a product designer too.

Pro: Order
Con: Wants it perfect
Varia: I like random design details


Lowie is an ambitious entrepreneur, designer and architect with a technical mindset.

Pro: Loves to solve problems
Con: Can’t say no
Varia: Go to Asia, it’s crazy!


We Produce is a team of creative people with the need to create stuff,
we are constantly searching for young creative people to join our team.

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